Art in a Box at Home

'Art in a Box' is jam packed with all the materials, lesson plans and resources. We provide all the materials for sessions in:
- Drawing
- Clay
- Mosaics
- Painting
- Sculpture
- Textiles
- Design
- Plus so much more

We include fun lesson plans with easy to follow instructions, extension activities, illustrations and inspiring quotes, as well as exercises in mindfulness for every lesson.

The box contains a colourful lesson guide for each subject. They outline the Art4Space philosophy and provide an easy to follow structure for the lesson.

There is no right or wrong!
We believe that everyone should have the space to explore their creativity, the process is just as important as the finished product and there is no right or wrong. Each lesson plan starts with a fun wellbeing activity and encourages curiosity and exploration before diving deeper into the medium.

20% of your purchase will go to support our Art in a Box scheme to the vulnerable in our communities including schools, care homes and small community organisations.